Infant and Paediatric Feeding

Kat Bray Speech Pathology provides Infant Feeding, Paediatric Feeding and Dysphagia (Swallowing Difficulties) assessment and management of infants, children and adolescents.

Infant Feeding, Paediatric Feeding and Dysphagia Assessment encompass the examination of case histories, assessment of oral motor development, feeding abilities, sensory aversions to eating and swallowing safety. Aftercare through telephone calls or email is offered to all clients of Kat Bray Speech Pathology at no additional charge so that families can keep an open line of communication with Kat as they trial new strategies and techniques.

Kat’s experience of working within multidisciplinary teams also allows her to deduce if further referrals to Specialists, Allied Health Professionals or Medical staff may be required.


Fluency is an area of passion for Kat. Kat utilises the Lidcombe Program to assist toddlers through to school aged children who stutter to speak smoothly. She has attended the 2014 and 2016 Lidcombe Program Trainer’s Consortium to ensure that her skills remain current.

Late Talkers

Kat is a certified Hanen: It Takes Two To Talk presenter. Kat is experienced in working with ‘late talkers’ and enjoys working with parents to assist in the communication development of their children.

Speech and Language

Kat Bray Speech Pathology also performs informal and standardised speech and language assessments for toddlers, children and adolescents from 2;0 – 18;0 years of age. Articulation services also extend to adults. Kat utilises standardised, informal and/or a combination of assessments to determine the type and severity of speech and language difficulties. Therapy sessions and/or programs are then devised to assist clients to reach their speech and language milestones successfully. Kat ensures that intervention is motivating, personalised and timely.

Session Times

Initial consultations range from 60-90 minutes in duration. Therapy sessions can run for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes depending on the needs and concentration level of each individual client.